Adopting Puppy

Cuties for Canines or CFC, is a California non profit that focuses on placing red listed dogs from our shelters around Los Angeles. These dogs are the ones most at risk to be killed in local shelters. These dogs generally have about 24 – 48 hours to live so we act fast. Over 10,000 animals are euthanized every week in California alone because there aren’t enough loving homes.

We evaluate all of the dogs that we take on to determine what they need from their new home and place them accordingly. Due to the nature of how we work, we typically do not work with smaller dogs and puppies as they usually get adopted the fastest. We generally are placing dogs that are shepherd mixes, mutts, German shepherds, occasionally pits, chows etc. However, when space is limited in our overcrowded shelters, dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds are at risk. Cuties for Canines then steps in and speaks for the unspoken dogs who have been overlooked for too long who need a second chance at a healthy happy life. When adopting from our organization, you know that you are truly saving a life.

Jennifer Reuting When entering into the high kill shelters of Lo
s Angeles, CFC volunteers determine which dogs are most at risk and need our voice the most. We then evaluate these dogs and monitor them closely over the coming days or weeks. We act fast to move them from a shelter to a home environment. We track the progress of each dog with their new family and offer love, support, help and information for the new family to help adapt their new member smoothly. Cuties for Canines tries not to foster too many dogs and works directly with the public to ensure that our pups not switch hands and homes too often. We find a permanent solution for our four legged friends; a home for life.

Our rescued dogs are up to date on the mandatory vaccines and adult dogs are spayed or neutered prior to adoption except in the case of a medical issue. We have a solipuppyd return policy so that any dog adopted through CFC will not end up in a shelter again. Every dog we rescue is celebrated and doted on by our animal-loving volunteers and we follow their successful adoptions by offering continued support throughout their lives.

Bobbi Sue LutherWe send all adoptive parents home with all of the essentials of owning a dog with our one of a kind “welcome home” basket program. This was created by CFC to truly bring a pleasurable experience to adopting by rewarding these amazing new parents with everything they will need to get starting with owning a new dog like food, treats, shampoo, brushes, collar and leash, learning materials and much more. All of these items were donated by the amazing sponsors listed on our sponsors page. Check out  –

Cuties for Canines was create by two friends Bobbi Sue Luther and Jennifer Reuting out of their mutual love of dogs and the desire to save their lives. Both Jen and Bobbi knew that so many dogs needed a second chance at a new happy life and decided to step in and make a difference. After visiting the shelters and realizing that so many amazing, good natured dogs were being put down everyday, they both realized they had to do something. CFC was born and now boasts a volunteer program for others who share the common interest in making a difference. The Mission is simple, save lives everyday; unite very deserving people and dogs to create an unparalleled happiness. Jennifer’s incredible business sense is helping to create the cutting edge infrastructure for the charity. . Bobbi’s love for marketing is helping build the awareness of the charity through media, collaboration and sponsorship.